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things you must know before building your website

1. Target audience & search behavior: If you know your audience and their search behaviour, you can create the content specifically tailored to their needs. Website content plays an integral role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and positioning your value proposition. A well written website content with right distribution of keywords can rank your website higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SEPR). There are various tools and techniques to identify your target audience. Integrating google analytics can help you determine your audience over the course of time. The free keyword research tool like Adwords Keyword Planner also let you identify your keywords based on your competitors website.

2. Web development project scope: Your project scope determines the cost, deadline, features, functions and other deliverables required to complete your website. A good web design contract will layout and explain the project details thus minimizing undesirable results and unpleasant surprises throughout the project life cycle. The well planned project scope should guide your expectations during the web design & development process. As a result, you will know in advance what needs to be accomplished and achieved in order to build your company website. 

For example, whether you have to pay additional amount to add mobile-responsive feature to your existing web design package.

3. Domain & Hosting Service: After the completion of web design & development process, you will need a domain and hosting service to launch your website. A good domain research will have positive impact on your SEO. Finding an existing domain with good history can provide initial leverage that your brand requires for the maximum exposure. Using exact keyword phrases, products or services you offer or your brand name are good options rather than randomly made words or abbreviations.

Most of the web design companies offer you the freedom to choose your own hosting provider. The hosting service ranges from few dollars to hundred of dollars per month. When choosing the best hosting service for your website, you should base your decision on their customer service, speed and security. As most of the hosting providers are offering unlimited storage and bandwidth, you should not pay more for these features. The basic hosting package normally comes with domain, hosting service and email with your domain name.

Some of the popular web hosting providers are goDaddy, iPage, bluehost, HostGator, and siteGround.

4. Images & Illustrations: The right use of images & illustrations enhances the website design, atmosphere and performance. Most of the websites do not use the correct format resulting into slow page speed and ultimately negative impact on SEO. Your images need to be optimized correctly to reduce their size without compromising the quality. Compressing images and using appropriate img alt attributes are 2 most recommended practices while using graphics on your website.

Simply uploading images directly from your phone or camera will increase the website load time. If you are using WordPress, there are many plugins that are available to download and reduce the site load time. Consult with your web developer to use the best plugin and additional cost associated with it.

5. Free vs Paid Plugins: Plugins are software that is designed to perform specific task or function on your website. For example, if your website requires image slideshow, you can simply integrate slideshow plugin to achieve this feature. You do not have to pay your developer to build an image-slider from the scratch.

There are thousands of useful WordPress plugins from the developers around the world. You can add cool features to your website without paying high prices. If you decide to use certain plugins on your website try the free version and evaluate its performance. Most of the WordPress plugins come in free and premium versions. The basic features are free and it requires certain fee to use the premium version. 

You must tell your developer about the plugins and required features during the planning phase. The good developers will offer you with various options and help you choose the right plugin for your website.

The most popular WordPress plugins are,

  • Woocommerce
  • Contact form 7
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Meta Slider
  • The Events Calendar
  • etc.

Schedule a free appointment and discuss the above mentioned factors with your web developer.   Your knowledge about the basics will help to streamline your web design project. Do not hesitate to ask about the options available to cut cost and maximize your website performance. A good web developing company will offer clear vision, objectives and goal require to achieve maximum exposure online.

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