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Grabbing your prospects’ attention and converting them into a loyal customer is a fiercely competitive task. Customer reviews is one of the most important tool that offers credibility to your business and should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. To your potential clients, customer reviews provide insight into your service, inspire confidence & assurance and help them make a quick decision (in your favor).

A survey shows that 90% of customers’ decisions are based on online reviews. If the stakes are so high, you really do not want to be left alone.

So how can you start getting more reviews for your business?

Follow the steps below to encourage your customers to leave a review.

  1. Offer Competitively Outstanding Service: Research your competitors and learn more about their competitive advantages. What are they doing better than you and how you can streamline your strategies to compete with them. Over deliver and exceed the expectation of your customers by offering more value to their bucks.

    For example, if your competitors are providing 1 hour free phone consultation, you can offer 1 hour free consultation and option to travel to your potential customer’s worksite.

    Always be polite and offer recommendations & suggestions throughout your interaction with them. Raise the polite bar higher and promptly address their feedback and suggestions. Deliver a great service that they truly appreciate and want to tell others about your company.

  2. Feedback process should be simple and easy: To leave you a feedback should be an easy task and not be confusing at all. The best way to encourage them to leave a feedback is to send them a link to the review page. Try to avoid complicated and long forms with Q&A. The whole process should not be more than 1 click away.

    Click here to generate personal Google review link for your business and send them to your customers.

  3. Multiple Request: If your customer didn’t follow your review request the first time, always follow up with phone call or email. Just make sure that you are not spamming them with multiple requests. Follow up about your product and services and ask them if they have any feedback or experience they would like to share about it. If your customer is not satisfied with your product or services address those concerns genuinely and promptly. At the end, they should always have a great experience with your company.

    Be clear that this incentive is not related to their feedback. You are thanking them for taking the time to describe their experience honestly, not bribing them to leave a positive review.

  4. Incentives for review: Many platforms like Google discourage incentives in exchange for a review. If you exchange incentives for a good google review, you are not being honest with your potential customers. However, you can always offer your gratitude and thank customers for their great review. Gratitude can be a discount, sample or simply a thank you note.

    Do not bribe but offer genuine gratitude

  5. Avoid fake reviews: If you are a startup company, fake reviews can be highly tempting. Fake reviews are easy to notice and can have negative impact on the credibility of your company. Try to avoid them at all cost. If your customers choose company based on reviews, they must have read numerous reviews and develop a habit of spotting fake reviews. In contrary fake reviews can severely taint the reputation and harm your business.

  6. Good time for review: Request review as soon as you complete a sale or project. The memory of the great interpersonal relationship with your customer and exemplary customer service can fade away with time. Request reviews when your customers tend to be more happy with your service or product.

You should be also ready for the bad reviews. Many things can contribute such as bad customer service, under performing product, inadequate communication or simply your competitors. Politely reply to the bad reviews and assure to fix the problem promptly. Once you address the issue and fix the problem, reach out to the customer/client and request them to edit the bad reviews to a good one.

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