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Genuine reviews from the clients & customers are one of the most powerful tool to promote your business. More reviews you have greater the chance that your client will favor you over your competition. Google reviews also help to boost your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It is an important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool.

Many companies failed to muster enough reviews for their business. You can see the result when you search the local business in Google. Only handful of listed businesses are successful in generating reviews. The reason is simple, nobody has time for your business. You might have a good relationship with your customers but the review process is just too long. Your customer needs both time and knowledge to complete all of the following steps.

  • Open email and find your request
  • Find your business on Google
  • Log on to their Google account using gmail
  • Locate review section
  • Write review

It is important to understand the fact that most of the customers are not computer savvy. They might not know how to execute the mentioned steps correctly. Even if they want to write a good review, they might not want to find, locate, sign-in and write at the very moment they open your email. They will postpone and it will never be done.

There is a simple process that encourages your customers to leave reviews and rate your business on Google. You will do all the work and all they have to do is click on the link and review & rate your business.

Click on the link to create your unique direct google review link.

How to encourage customers to write reviews?

Send a request to your existing customers and encourage them to write few lines about your business. Offer discounts, promotions or extra services to motivate them to write reviews and testimonials. Create valuable documents that provides in-depth knowledge about your industry or products and request business review as a feedback. For example, there was an ad on Facebook that offers free website diagnosis for leaving review on Google and Yelp.

Find the local competitors in google and count their reviews. You will be surprised to notice that many businesses don’t have any or few reviews. For as little as 15-20 reviews will set your business apart from your competitors.

Fake Google review:

When the competition is tough many are tempted to collect reviews in a wrong way. It often results creating fake reviews account or buying fake reviews. Google is a very advance and sophisticated engine that uses complex algorithm to check the reliability of the source. It will easily detect such fraudulent activities and penalize your business ranking on the search engine result page (SERP).

For example, if you created 5 Google accounts to write the reviews. Google will easily notice the following,

  • All the 5 accounts are recently created
  • There is no other activity from those accounts besides writing reviews
  • All the reviews are directed towards one company (i.e. your company)
  • All the accounts have originated from the same IP address and so on

Fake reviews will do more harm than good to your business. Instead build a campaign that will encourage real people to participate and write reviews about your company.

Negative Reviews:

People who are happy with your service will not bother to leave a good review. Unless you encourage them to do so. On the contrary, unsatisfied customers will leave bad reviews without hesitation. The result is your business review page full of ranting and raving comments.

So what do you do with those negative comments? The best you can do is reply to those comments right away. Always use polite words and try to understand the cause of it. In doing so, you send a message that you care about your customers and their feedback. Apologize to the customer and ask them to remove the bad reviews.


Until few years ago testimonials were very popular and considered highly effective. These days testimonials are synonym for ‘fake reviews’. Many companies use genuine testimonials but the market of fake testimonials has severely diminished their value. For as little as $5.00, you can get video testimonials from the freelance website such as Fiverr.

Focus on creating genuine google reviews rather than on private testimonials.

Yelp Reviews:

Founded in October of 2004, Yelp is a popular site that provides business listings and reviews to their users. Unlike Angie’s list, it allows members to leave the reviews for free. Although most of the reviews are authentic and genuine, it is not difficult for businesses to create fake accounts and post fake reviews.

Yelp is a giant company with 21 million new visitors per month. Due to the number of traffic and the high volume of engagements, you should not ignore this platform. In addition to google, you should also list your business on Yelp.

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