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install mamp and wordpress

This WordPress Video Tutorial For Beginners (2016) will guide you to install and customize, fully responsive, WordPress themes on a localhost using MAMP.

If you want to develop WordPress website on a local server before launching it on a live server, this tutorial is for you. This six part series will help you to make WordPress website without web hosting and domain name.

By the end of this series, you will have a beautiful website like this Edpro Theme

Tutorial (Series) Outline:

  • Installing MAMP
  • Creating Database
  • Installing WordPress
  • Activating Theme
  • Creating Pages & Posts
  • Adding Media
  • Assigning pages to the navigation menu
  • Installing & activating popular (must-have) plugins
  • Adding Widgets

Video Transcript

Welcome to CustomizePress. The goal of this tutorial is to get the fully functional WordPress site up and running within an hour.

If you do not have any coding background and need a WordPress site, this tutorial is for you. For this tutorial we will use Edpro Premium Theme as an example and show you how fast and easy it is to create a WordPress site without any technical background.

The installation process is identical for all the themes so you can choose any other theme of your choice and follow the instructions on this tutorial. By the end of this tutorial you will create the exact copy of this beautiful site ( ). If you want to see the demo version of this website go to and click on Edpro Premium Theme.

In this video you’ll learn to build your website on a localhost before launching it on a live server. To do that you will complete the following steps

  • Download and install MAMP
  • Create MySQL database
  • Download and install WordPress
  • Download and install WordPress theme

By the end of this tutorial you’ll successfully run a WordPress theme on your computer.

So let’s get started.

  • Go to your address bar and type
  • On the next page click on download
  • Choose whether you are using Mac or Windows computer
  • Click on download
  • Save file and start your MAMP installation process

Once you complete the installation process,

  • Open MAMP
  • Click on Preferences
  • Click on Web Server
  • Locate your document root (If you’re a beginner leave the default htdocs as your document root)

In order to install WordPress theme, first you will need to create a database. WordPress will use this database to collect, organize and store your website data. Like many other platforms WordPress also manage its database using MySQL. In order to create your first database,

  • Open MAMP
  • Click on Open WebStart Page
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on phpMyAdmin
  • Click on new
  • Enter our database name and make a note on a paper
  • Select collation on the next column
  • Click on create

Your newly created a database will appear on the left side of the page. Before we move on I would like you to make a note of your database-name, username and password. For that

  • Open MAMP
  • Click on Open WebStart page
  • Write your host, username and password on a paper

Now you will download and install WordPress into your root directory called htdocs. Let’s start by downloading wordpress,

  • Go to
  • Click on Download WordPress
  • Save and locate your downloaded WordPress zip file
  • Unzip WordPress
  • Rename the folder (firstsite)
  • Find the root directory htdocs and
  • Upload unzipped WordPress folder into it

Now we are ready to install WordPress, for that

  • Go to your address bar and type localhost:8888/firstsite ( your unzip wordpress folder name). Since I have renamed my WordPress on zip folder as firstsite my address bar will look like this localhost:8888/firstsite
  • Next select your language and click on continue. As you have already written down your database-name, username and password on a piece of paper,
  • Click on let’s go to continue
  • Use the information from the paper to fill the following fields (Make sure your username and password are both spell ROOT)
  • Once you’re done submit the form

At this stage you have successfully connected your WordPress with your database. Run the install and complete the WordPress form. Remember, you can always change these settings later.

Save your username and password. In the next step, you will need these information to log into your website. Once you complete the form click on Install WordPress. At this stage you have successfully installed WordPress. Now use the username and password to log into your WordPress account.

Congratulations You Did A Great Job!!!
Welcome to your WordPress dashboard. From now on you will use this dashboard for all your website themes and settings. Now let’s go to your site and see how the default WordPress theme looks like.

  • Find your site name on the top left corner of your computer screen and
  • Hover your mouse over it
  • Right click on visit site and
  • Open the site on a new window

Currently this is how your website looks like. Your goal is to customize this theme and create a beautiful website out of it. There are three default WordPress themes to choose from. To change your WordPress theme,

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on appearance => themes

As you can see, on this page, you have three default WordPress themes to choose from. To activate a different theme, simply click on Activate button.

Now, if you go back to your site and refresh the page you will see a different theme on it.

In the next tutorial i will show you, how you can download and install beautiful themes like this. While choosing the 3rd party WordPress themes, you must consider the followings,

  • Make sure that theme is 100% fully responsive on all devices (mobile-friendly). Starting 2015 google will not display non-responsive theme on the search engine result page (SERP).
  • Various features will enhance the presentation of your products, testimonials and demos, so look for those features and see how impressive they look on the theme
  • The most important factor is whether you can customize the theme without any coding experience and if you can, do you receive any help and support to do it yourself.

These questions will help to choose the best theme available out there and this will minimize any hidden costs that might incur in a long term.

Thanks for watching. Leave us your feedback.

See you on the next tutorial.

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