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The most important part of your website is your content. A well written content offers information to your web visitors and helps search engine to identify & rank your webpage higher on the search engine result page (SERP). Always use keywords and key phrases to compose your content. 

Click here to request tutorial and write great content for your website. Here is a content outline for each major page and section. If any page or section is not applicable to your business, please disregard them.


  • Company Name. For example; CustomizePress
  • Company Tagline. For example; Custom WordPress Website
  • Headline: For example; Vancouver Web Design & Digital Marketing
  • Call to action. For example; Free Quotes, Schedule an appointment, call us etc


Company Overview:

  • Short description about your company, what it does and the value it creates for your clients. This is what you would tell if someone ask about your business. 1 to 2 paragraph
  • List 5-7 main points that set your business apart from your competitors. This is what you tell if a prospect or potential customer calls you to learn more about your services/products


About: Words limit: 500-800 words

  • Company’s history & profile including who you are, what you do
  • Your company’s vision, mission, achievements, awards & recognition, expertise
  • Company’s value proposition, unique selling proposition and competitive advantages
  • Image, profile and short description of management and team members
  • Your company’s track record on industry required guidelines for example professional conduct guidelines, safety standards & policies, professional practice guidelines etc 



  • List of all the services with complete details
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs about each service
  • Explain why your clients should choose your services/products over your competitors
  • What unique value you offer and what qualifies you to offer these services. Here you can write your elevator pitch
  • Whether you sell services or products, explain your take on good customer service and how your business achieve them


Blog / Resources:

  • Write 3 blog/articles related to your services/products that is helpful to your website visitor. It can be any thing informative and directly related to your industry
  • Write original content, do not copy from the internet. Original, informative and valuable content play decisive role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Each blog 500-800 words
  • Provide related image for each blog. You can find free images at


Pricing Chart: if applicable

  • How much do you charge for each services.
  • Do you have a package deal or promotion? If yes, what are they
  • List all the items they receive



  • Images related to your business (5-7 images)
  • If you do not have images, we will use free images as well as recommend you professional stock images from the web
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