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Web Design & eCommerce

We are best rated website design company offering affordable web development solutions to small businesses in Vancouver, Coquitlam and surrounding areas. Our web developers specialize in WordPress and ecommerce website.


Search Engine Optimization

We help Canadian business to improve their website ranking in search engines. Our web design packages comes with high seo friendly coding. We offer both on-page & off-page seo services. Click here to learn what is SEO?


Digital Marketing Services

Looking for the best internet marketing agency in Vancouver, Coquitlam and surrounding areas? We can help. We offer full-service online marketing including social media marketing and Adwords (SEM, Remarketing, Banner Ads).

"Competitive Price

I love my new website! CustomizePress has brought me out of the Stone Age. Gary was fast, efficient and put a wonderful website together. I am not computer savvy, but Gary was very patient and explained things clearly. The price was very competitive as well!

Anne R
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  • Exclusive Look & Design

    Since we build custom website on WordPress platform, your design is not constrained by template limitations. You have complete freedom to plan and structure your layout, design, atmosphere and site architecture. You don't have to go for a cheap website design, when you can build a great website for the same price.

  • Affordable Price

    Most of our clients are small business owner and our focus is to keep the website design and development cost as low as possible. You do not have to compromise your web reputation with a mediocre web design anymore. Check our web design portfolio and success stories to learn more about our successful projects completed at highly affordable price.

  • Mobile Friendly Website

    All our websites are 100% fully responsive on all devices. As 83% of Canadians are surfing internet on their cell phones your website MUST be available for all screen sizes such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop. We use bootstrap framework to layout the responsive grid and structure of your web pages.

  • Oustanding Reputation

    Our outstanding services are reflected in the referrals and reviews we receive from our happy clients. After completing your web design project, you will receive help, support & expertise required to enhance your online presence. We will partner with you to grow and expand your business online.

We Are Obsessed With Creating Awesome Mobile Friendly Webites

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design or mobile-friendly websites adapt and respond to various screen sizes and enhance user-experience. Well designed responsive website allows user to browse your website on mobile phones, ipads, laptops and desktop computers. Study shows 83% of Canadians own cell phone and having a mobile friendly website increases your chance of being visible online.

UX and UI Design

A highly user interactive websites encompass both aspect of UX & UI ( user experience and user interface ) design. Based on your business needs, it is crucial to understand the user interactions before implementing them into your framework. A well planned site flows, user flows and visually appealing design increases your website's visitor engagement and conversion rate.

Scope Definition

A well defined web design project scope identifies all the processes required to complete your website within the agreed time, budget and expectations. It eliminates unpleasant surprises along the way. A good project scope delivers successful result and build strong relationship with the client. We outline project scope during our initial meeting and in the web design and development contract.

Site Architecture

Site architecture is important from SEO as well as UX perspective. A well structured site architecture allows search engine to easily index the web pages. A good website architeture delivers a great user experience and leads your web visitors to the desired goals. Your website users will be able to navigate your site more easily and quickly.

Content Strategy

Content with purpose & intention will engage your website traffic and retain them for a longer duration. Creating, sorting, and ordering such digital content and organizing it to convey your core message is the ultimate goal of a good content strategy. Effective content strategy identifies your target audience and correlate your content to cater to each audience group.

Custom Web Design

Successful businesses have strong value proposition that distinguishes them from their competitors. Similarly crafting custom website creates unique experience to your prospects. A custom website is created just for your business and allows you to personalize various website features, design and style to address your unique business needs.


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