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In this  Tutorial,  you will learn to create your first ad campaign in Google Adwords using Google Adwords Express

Video Transcript

Welcome to CustomizePress. In this tutorial, you will learn to run your first ad on google, using google Adwords express.

So lets get started!

First you need to log into your gmail account. Type the following on your address bar – www.google.ca/adwords/express. Click on get started to start your Adwords Express campaign. If you are using this platform for the first time, enter your business name, and website. Click on Save.

Next, add the location where you want to display your Google ad. You can either enter the address and target using the radius or you can type the region and select it from the dropdown menu. For this example, I am going to select the province of British Columbia in Canada.

As you select your location, on the right side, you will see the size of your targeted audience. Soon you will notice how this number will change based on your input.

This is the most important section of Google Adwords campaign. Based on the product and service you want to advertise, Google will automatically find and target keywords relevant to your input. Notice how the size of your target audience is narrowing down based on your input. Click Next.

In this section, we will create your ad headline and description. Choose the landing page that you want to connect to your ad. On the right side, you can see, how your ad will appear on the google result page. Click on the link to see how your ad will appear on different platforms, including Google partner sites. Click Next.

Add your phone number to receive call from your ad. Click Next. Notice how the size of your target audience has sharply declined. Lets adjust our budget to reach the number of desired audience. To do so change the daily budget limit to $5.00. Notice how the estimated reach changes with the change in your daily budget. Enter your desire amount and click next.

Make sure all the information is correct on your ad. Click Next.

Fill out the checkout form. Provide your billing information and click on next. You have successfully completed the ad creation. Now go to the dashboard to monitor your ad performance. Now, If anybody clicks on your ad, it will be registered here. Dashboard will provide you the snapshot of, how your ad is performing, relative to the budget you have spent on it.

Thank you for watching and good luck.