The goal of social media is to build a community around your business and use their activities & interactions to leverage your products and services. All strategies involve posting some form of rich media content to gain maximum exposure. Once your post reaches the maximum available viewers, various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to measure your outcomes. This helps to determine if your actions are aligned with your objectives and marketing goal.

Facebook Advertisements:

However the core issue with Facebook marketing is the size of the audience your posts reach. You might have noticed that the reach of your organic post fluctuates with every single post. It varies significantly as some of your posts do not even reach the minimum number of audience it deserves. Facebook decides how many people see your organic posts.

Facebook Marketing

The process is automated and beyond your control. A guaranteed way to succeed is to create a highly valuable content that creates buzz within the community. Since it is unlikely to create such popular contents all the time, you will have to find a way to work around it.

The most efficient way to build a community is to start Facebook ad campaign. With right strategies and campaigns you can achieve a lot in a very short period of time. Facebook uses various advertising objectives to address your marketing goal. Whether you want more people to click on your website, like your page, boost your post, install your app, increase your conversions, increase local awareness, create offers and display videos, you can do all that using Facebook ad campaigns.

Finding your target audience is the most powerful feature that makes Facebook ads so special. Facebook uses a huge amount of data it collects to segment audience into different target groups based on their demographics, interest, behaviours and activities patterns. You can also choose audience who have a specific kind of connection to your Page, app or event. For example you can target only that audience who liked your page or friends of people who liked your page.

If your company already has a database of customers, you can target them easily using Facebook ads. Facebook will also help to find look-a-like audience that are similar to those customers in your database.

Facebook allows you to remarket to your recent website visitors as well. If someone visits your website and shows interest in your business, you can track and reengage them to make your ad even more impactful. Create custom audience from your website using Facebook pixel to start your remarketing campaign.

Designing ads that grabs your viewers attention and motivates them to follow your call-to-action is a crucial task. Facebook allows you to create image carousels and split test various ads to identify the most effective one. Failure to comply with Facebook ads guideline will result into ads removal and account termination.

The next phase of the ad campaign decides your success or failure. Monitoring and analyzing your key performance indicators (KPI) and refining your ads maximize your potential. Failure to revise and adjust ads depletes your marketing budget. Facebook has 200+ built in indicators to inform you about your ad performance.

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